My Stepmother

My stepmother was somewhat of an enigma. She had the biggest heart and she felt emotion so deeply, whether sadness, anger, or love. She and my mom made their home in Watsonville, California, in a quiet neighborhood next to an expanse of raspberry fields. If there was any way I can describe her, it was […]

It wasn’t you, Tom!

Growing up I could not stop looking at men that were taller and older than me and hairier than the average. Perhaps it was some sort of Tom Sellek syndrome. He was the utterly handsome and friendly MAGNUP P.I. on TV I used to fantasize about caressing a guy with those characteristics; it was not about […]


by Sophia Metcalf location: brooklyn, ny summer. you sit on my lap at a party. i keep looking at you. i guess i can’t really help but look at you, because you have made yourself the foreground of anything else i might try and look at. but i don’t really mind, because mostly, i’m looking […]

A Chat

Remembered from my head, years ago in NYC, maybe 2011? A chat between a British gay man and his best New York girl friend. B: “Promise me if you ever meet my brother, you’ll never be attracted to him. I don’t think I could bear the thought of him having you. I would be green […]

Edie & Thea

Around 1990 I attended a Halloween party in Manhattan, in what I considered to be a pretty swanky building, just north of Washington Square Park. Up to this point I had attended parties in dodgier tenement buildings, so this was new. When I walked in with my girlfriend, who knew somebody, who knew somebody, I […]

my kind of zip code

If you were a gay guy in Corpus Christi, Texas in the 70s, the place to go was People’s Street. It was one of the few blocks downtown that still had some life to it. There were a couple of bars, the Ritz Theatre around the corner that hosted events. Down the street was the […]

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