About Us

UNDERexposed is a community space, production company, and media hub where queer stories of all kinds are brought together and shared.


Sean Eve

Sean Eve is a Professor at NYU in Liberal Studies , where he teaches imaginative problem solving. An artist, writer, and avid gardener, he hopes one day to be truly useful.

Katie Schiller

Katie Schiller is a New York based filmmaker and producer who works across scripted and documentary projects. A reader, listener, and storyteller, she believes stories are one of the most important things we have.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Flower Project

  • What do I do if I find a flower? Scan the QR code and see if it’s linked with a story on our interactive map. If not, take the magnet, and place it where you think it will be meaningful for you or your community and share a story with us, including an image of where you have placed the flower, if possible.
  • How does the QR code on the flower work? The QR code connects you to our website and interactive map.
  • How can I get a flower? Upload a story to our site (or send us one via e-mail if you’re the shy type) and as long as you include your mailing address, we’ll send you a flower free of charge, plus a second flower to share with a friend. Alternately, you can purchase a flower via our online store and your contribution will go toward supporting our ongoing projects.
  • I want to share flowers within my community, can I get more than one? Yes, shoot us an email and we can arrange a delivery of multiple flowers.

UNDERexposed Stories

  • What types of stories can I share? Any story is up for grabs, with the only requirement that pieces in some way connect to queer life, are genuine experiences (even if what happened was only in your head) and don’t expose anyone to danger or embarrassment (though this last measure of appropriateness is not something we here at underexposedstories.com can guarantee).
  • Do you only accept prose or can I share a story in a different format? We are open to stories in a variety of formats – photos, videos, films, audio files, comic strips.
  • Are all stories accepted? Every story submitted will be looked at by the editorial staff for approval before publish. Most stories are published.
  • Is there a limit to the number of stories I can submit? No, you can submit as many stories or pieces as you like.
  • Will you host workshops or storytelling events? We are incredibly open to it and encourage you to reach out to us at tellyourstory@underexposedstories.com to arrange.

UNDERexposed Studios

  • What does the studio do? We develop and produce projects across formats with an appetite for stories about aspects of LGBTQ+ life yet to be explored on screen. 
  • Can I pitch my project? Yes, email us at tellyourstory@underexposedstories.com to discuss your project.

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