Pick a Flower at Pride 2019

Thousands of flowers have been placed throughout downtown NYC to celebrate queer inventiveness and resilience during the 50th anniversary celebrations of Stonewall. Please pick one, place it where you think it will be meaningful in your community and share a story with us, including an image of where you have placed the flower, if possible. Queerness takes all kinds of forms and it’s everywhere. Show it off.

Conceived by Sean Eve in Florence, Italy, in 2012 in response to an increased attacks directed at the LGBTQ community, “faggot flowers”, as they were originally called, were meant to signal the resilience of a queer presence in the landscape and to brighten specific corners of the city cast into shadow by acts of violence. In their current form, the flowers provide an opportunity for individuals, their friends, family and allies to honor the many ways queerness enriches our world. Offering a means to share stories and testimony through the associated website, the physical placement of the flowers provides a way to map the richness and diversity of queer lives across the global landscape in real time.

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