Share Your Story, Get a Free Flower!

Pink. Yellow. Red. Green Blue.
What is your color?

In honor of the 50th  anniversary of Stonewall, is happy to send a free faggot flower, dyke daisy, or non-binary nasturtium (and these don’t begin to exhaust the plant life in our queer little greenhouse) to anyone who submits a story, shares a memorable moment, or offers up a tribute to a friend.

Other than length, the only other limitation is that pieces be somehow connected to queer life, are genuine experiences (even if what happened was only in your head) and don’t expose anyone to danger or embarrassment.

Racy, heartbreaking, knock-down drag-out fabulous or just plane hilarious, every story submitted will be looked at by the editorial staff. If your story is selected for publication (and most are) you’ll be eligible to have a flower mailed to you in one of five vibrant colors.  Magnetic and suitable to be placed anywhere outside – on lampposts , fire escapes, abandoned cars -our flowers are intended to bring a touch of hope, whimsy and queerness to a physical location somewhere near where your story took place. Send us a picture of your flower in situ ( fancy) and we’ll post it to our homepage map, which aims to host queer stories of every description from as many countries as there are ways to paint your estranged uncle’s toenails.

Don’t be shy. Don’t keep that remarkable life of yours under wraps. And please, if you have someone or something you’d like to honor, know this is a place where we treasure experiences of every possible stripe. This is where a last laugh is as welcome as a furtive glance across an empty bar. Humor us, let us to get to know you, take our time and patience for granted. This is a place for ever kind of missive is welcome and more than a few doms as well.

To send us a story, either email us at or post your story on our Flower Map page.

For the rest of you, kick around our site for a while, find an angle, search out the kindred souls and shady corners that make this an inviting place to spend a few minutes. We have stories, videos, recordings to listen to in your car. This is a neighborhood place, yours. Its also somewhere you can run into queer folks from across the world.

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